Self-Propelled Transport Gondolas Futuremakers

Self propelled car? For the next future snow yesterday. The Italian company thinks one step and stumbled about in search of self-propelled gondolas, which unite in the traffic to a train.

Self-propelled cars are a megatrend that promises people more flexibility: instead of having your hands on the wheel, it could address in the future other activities – surfing, for example, on the Internet or read the newspaper.

Self-Propelled Transport Gondolas Futuremakers

So far so good. However, the autonomous driving changes nothing to the fact that it is always full on the streets of this world. For this reason, the Italian company next has future devised an alternative means of transportation: Self Propelled Gondolas.

Self-Propelled Transport Gondolas Futuremakers can be ordered with Smartphone APP

A possible scenario is as follows: Mr. Miller wants to visit his girlfriend in the neighbouring town. He but no composed in your own car, but pulls out his Smartphone and ordered a transport pod with an app. The 2.7 m long vehicle with six seat and four standing – roughly the size of a smart or the Google auto  stops short on it right in front of his doorstep and open the transparent sliding doors.

Mr. Miller goes, and welcomed the riders, who have the same destination. He could however wish a gondola driver Hello. BB´s do not exist the fact. Instead there is a cloud based system, that takes care of all the logistics.

Gondolas Pair Together as a Train

The logistics system has at any time full overview of all gondolas, are traveling in the cities. That should ensure that each passenger reaches its destination as quickly as possible.

And allows another special feature: for example, six gondolas on the same highway, are they can simply connected together and open the partitions between them. And voila: of the six gondolas is a train that takes away less space on the road.

Also restaurant gondolas engage

As soon as the logistics system links together gondolas, comes another crazy way in the game: the chain a restaurant gondola can tap into that. Thirsty and hungry passengers then get their smartphones to order a cup of coffee or a sandwich and to pay directly.

Self-Propelled Transport Gondolas Futuremakers_

This is essential in this transport system because passengers must stand by at any time, to change your seat on instruction of the logistics system. When approaching the end of the motorway route, the gondolas delink namely again, to control individual destinations.

Gondolas should be ready by year 2020

And when will the gondola system be ready for the market? Although so far technical details little in experience is relatively timely: 2020, the gondolas already should flit through the streets and compete with self-driving taxis and buses.

Self-Propelled Transport Gondolas Futuremakers__

In terms of efficiency and environmental protection, the nose front the rolling cabin according to the next have future however. As a coach, for example, may not be shortened, if he is short-staffed.

Self-Propelled Transport Gondolas Futuremakers___

Intelligent Logistic Apps

The gondolas are coupled together, passengers must see regularly on the Smartphone. There, the logistics system tells them when they have to change in which module before it disconnects itself.