Self-Balancing “BMW Motorrad” Motorcycle: New Generation Of Machines

Self-Balancing “BMW Motorrad” Motorcycle: New generation of machines that will make you love engineering even more..

In March of this year, BMW introduced a car under the concept of Vision Next 100, created to celebrate the centenary of the existence of the company. Now, within the same project was a motorcycle.

BMW Motorrad has be self-balancing  machine-even that never fold, therefore a lot safer from today’s motorcycles. Therefore, according to the BMW engineers we will not need a helmet (which in our opinion is perhaps a bit too optimistic vision), enough augmented reality glasses that will be used at the same time as the dashboard and the mirror, this will allow you to physically remove these items from the hull.

BMW Vision Next 100 begin new age in gyro-engineering worldwide.

BMW Vision Next 100 is, as Heinrich, “the perfect combination of the digital world with analog”. Motorcycle with electric drive has a number of systems that do not allow you to dump truck. This makes the rider does not need to dress up a helmet or protective clothing. On the head is only special glasses, which display a range of information in the field of view and allow for more control of the vehicle. And how will we ride Vision Next 100? It turns out that the frame “motorcycle” Flexframe will “bend” in the right way, to defeat the bend.

Motorcycle, moreover, will be self-balancing depending on your needs, and the tip of the steering wheel does not in any way are connected with the front wheel. Hard for me to imagine, but surely 100 years ago it was hard to imagine small, doing everything from faces of our friends in your pocket.

In addition, the motorcyclist clothing will adopt to weather, so forget about wet lingerie. There will never be too hot or too cold.

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