Seismic, Earthquake-Proof Bricks (Sisbrick)

To build houses and buildings earthquake-proof, the best technique is to start the right way from the beginning.

More specifics about Earthquake-Proof Bricks.

Engineers of the Polytechnic University in Valencia, in Spain, have created a new class of bricks that isolates seismically the partition walls of the main structure of the building.

The brick, christened Sisbrick, significantly reduces the tension between the beams and pillars and walls, reducing the damage caused by the earthquake.

This is a fundamental innovation, to the extent that, today, the structural calculations take into account the seismic effects only on the structure of the building, not considering the partition walls.

Seismic bricks

The key to innovation was the combination of different materials for two purposes: to absorb the horizontal movements generated by the earthquake and keep the load supported vertically, to preserve the integrity of the building as much as possible.

“The seismic bricks effectively serve as an isolation barrier, avoiding transfer the load of these partitions to the main structure. In this way, the impact of the earthquake imposes on the structural integrity is greatly reduced, “explains Luis Pallares, one of the creators of the anti-seismic brick.

The brick was properly patented, and now the University is looking for partners in the industry for its manufacture and marketing.