“See something, send something”: New Yorkers can report suspicious objects via anty-terror APP

The U.S. State New York has developed an app which citizens striking objects or even people can take pictures and send to the security authorities. The application will serve the prevention of terror. The accompanying side effects could polarize

See something, send something
With the new app “See something, say something” New York should quickly short texts and photos that can submit police if something suspicious is up them. So the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to make alert over terror threat.

See something, send something” – “watch something and send it”, means the app for Android and iOS, offered by the State of New York for free download. The logo of the small programme: a piktografiertes eye, whose IRIS are emerging the outlines of a Smartphone.

The procedure is simple: A civilian – now looks something funny happens him ur-New York or visitors – if. In the mock situation from the promotional video for the app, there are, for example drums with obviously toxic content in a truck. The person pulls out her cell phone, take a picture and adds explanatory text.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo assured at the presentation of the application this week, that any message will promptly examined by the security authorities in a central location.

Between prevention and denunciation

“A new way to help fight terrorism”, it says in the promotional video – “A new way of fighting terrorism”. Sure, for at least 14 years especially New Yorkers are highly sensitive, what’s the terror threat. It is understandable that the Islamist attacks further increased the alert with 130 dead and many injured in Paris on November 13, also across the Atlantic.

See something, send something APP“: New Yorkers can report suspicious objects via anty-terror APP, can it lead to incorrect response?

On the other hand will be many sides repeatedly stressed that a reduction of the liberty life is the wrong response to the attacks. An app like “see something, send something” could actually might prevent a planned attack. She could make but also ground ready for prejudice and public denunciation – comfortably and easier digital anonymity out.

The app should make reporting suspicious incidents easily “See something, send something”. Maybe too easy? Photo: New York City Government

It seems not unlikely that with the app photographed inevitably people and be reported the US security authorities have utterly no harm in mind. Probably some contemporaries it needs not much, keep others until they “suspicious”. In this respect, the actual use of the small app probably hangs on individual weighing of the potential benefits and harms users.

Whether a similar application in Europe or in Germany would be conceivable, seems at least questionable in the light of possible violations of personal rights.