Sea Phantom Super-fast Boat (240km/h) in Funny Price

Sea Phantom is a cutting edge power boat, which according to the manufacturer is fast like a helicopter, but it costs as much as an ordinary boat. Thanks to the fact that her design resembles a bit well known hydrofoils, vehicle floats slightly above the water, thereby reducing the friction. It also improves the comfort significantly.

Phantom combines some interesting technology, thanks to which its operation is to be affordable, safe and comfortable. At low speeds it behaves just like a classic boat. With increasing speed, thanks to a special “wings” mounted to the fuselage and uncharacteristically design suspension, more boat emerges from the water. The manner in which the constructed is suspension, somewhat reminiscent of the ones that are used in vehicles chasing after the deserts.

Sea Phantom Super-fast Boat (240km/h) in Funny Price

Sea Phantom comes around with top speed of 240km/h.

Aquatic production vehicle used fiberglass springs and aluminum air bags. Everything was interconnected in such a way as to compensate vibrations caused by navigating the rough water. Interestingly, at a speed of 135 km/h, the Phantom comes into contact with water on the surface of about 25 cm. The water is about 800 times denser than air, therefore, peek over her hull level gives you huge savings on movement of spent fuel.

The maximum speed with which moves the boat is 240 km/h. for providing adequate power corresponds to the Ilmor engine V-10 with a capacity of 625 KM, but at high speeds, the Phantom uses just a fraction of his power. Initially, however, the design was much slower and the maximum speed at which it could obtain was 110 km/h.

Sea Phantom Boat in Funny Price

The huge problem of this type of construction is a small sea-keeping (team qualities a safe and comfortable trip on the water in conditions) and lack of resistance to the destructive power of the waves. High speed of movement and the violent overload, from contact to the hull with water in a short period of time, they are able to destroy classical structures. If only for this reason, well known in Poland, hydrofoils, able to move only at the peaceful sea.

Innovative suspension An abolishes these restrictions, passengers traveling on his Board does not suffer from any unpleasant vibration and sudden shocks.

Behind entire project is not a big company or group. The project is the brainchild of obsessive, who decided to change the way people travel. David Borman because of it, if you want to attain and complete the project, he lost almost everything-House, car, gave one million dollars, and in addition, departed from his wife. However, stubbornly sought to end, what a set-fill the gap in water transport. Boat able to move at a speed of 240 km/h even has to be a great alternative for cars, but also helicopters. In an interview with the “Herald Tribune” Borman insisted that his Sea Phantom surpasses choppers in every way. Is many times cheaper, consumes only a small portion of the fuel needed for the flight, and has a much longer range because can move up to 12 hours without a break. It claims so far was a choice between slow, and expensive in operation and buying airplanes and helicopters.

Phantom has obviously changed and today has no competition.

After the presentation of the project, many people are accused of stealing it solutions and patents of others. Borman defended that he stole nothing and merely skillfully and imaginatively combined different elements into a single, whole.

US Navy acting like a jealous kids close to Sea Phantom engineers

His closed and Project Builder became interested in the American Navy. Under the guidance of its engineers was able to further develop and refine the design until I finally gave a license for production of the vehicle outside the company.