Sea Bubbles Water Taxis

Sea Bubbles Water Taxis taking over the Europe. In Paris, Berlin, Aveiro since 2017

We would have to call it sea beetle or water bug. But the developers of this electric-powered opted for sea taxi call it “Bubble”. The funny water taxi will soon relieve the traffic on the crowded streets of Paris and at some point then also in New York, London, Berlin…

Alain Thebault of these days for an environmentally and nerve-friendly water taxi named sea bubble advertises with RAM full streets and empty water routes in many cities around the world. The French skipper has developed the electrically-powered hydrofoil, which reminds a bit of a bug. For this, he has founded the company of sea bubbles together with the surfer Anders Bringdal.

The two are familiar with boat trips: in the years 2008 and 2009 their hydrofoil Hydroptère as a trimaran built at more than 100 mph broke all records.

Next year that it should cut road and lay a portion of the traffic on the Seine in Paris. The wacky water taxis are can accommodate up to four people to be stops on the Seine a driver is added. At some point, the sea bubbles to drive autonomously.

40 percent less frictional resistance

The gondolas have four vertical and bent down on the inner wings. These raise the cabin when driving about 70 cm from the water and thereby make sure a lower flow resistance. As a result, energy consumption is reduced. It seems at the same time, the cabin above the water surface float.

The sea bubbles are driven by two battery-powered propeller engines, which are mounted on the rear, curved in-wings. The prototype to 4.3 m long and 2.3 m wide and reach up to 25 nodes so something over 46 km/h. At about 7 knots, the cabin out of the water, lift Anders Bringdal is explained in a conversation with

Sea Bubbles Water Taxis

This reduces the friction resistance by 40 percent. “The good thing about the sea bubbles is: there is no pollution, no noise and no waves”, says Bringdal.

Taxi app gets sea bubbles

Information from Bloomberg technology according to have the developers get half a million euro for the production of a prototype, among others by the Parrot drone manufacturer and a BPI revealed by the French Government Fund. In a further round of funding, money for the development of a taxi app and a docking station to come together.

With the app a customer can call the water taxi to a certain station. The sea bubbles from next spring on the Seine should be used according to the Golem. Initially 15 water taxis were planned, later their number should be increased to 60. A more ambitious schedule…

Speaking of taxis, driving autonomously: in Singapore a test has started recently, with real taxis, with real passengers, in real traffic.

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