Scientists can create a new form of light

We are on the verge of new age, life in the future, in which we will use the power of computers, Photonics and quantum phenomena studied in the visible scale. Very fascinating experiments in fact carry out precisely, scientists from Imperial College London.

They want to create a new form of light through to the photon with a single electron. When light falls on some material, photons interact with an enormous number of electrons. The fact they want to change.

The point is, to a photon came to interact with a single electron, and this can only happen with the help of a special filter in the form of topological insulators, that are in use since last decade. In this way a new form of light showing properties both photons and electrons. Such light could not travel as usual in a straight line, but could move as an electron.

Scientists have calculated that an electron bound to a light could travel on despite the imperfections of the material. This allows you to create miniature Photonic circuits, which would be much more resistant to any shortcomings, than today’s electronic systems.

But that’s not all, as the latest discovery will also on such scale of light, much easier than it is today, you will be able to observe the phenomenon of quantum.