Scientists are looking for sources of heavy metals

An international team of scientists will try to unravel the mystery of the origin of heavy metals. It is known that the gold or silver jewelry is not formed on Earth, and far away in the universe.

Anyway, it’s not just about precious metals, but all the heavy metals. Scientists have no doubt that they were formed during the powerful cosmic explosions. I do not know, however, whether it was a supernova or a particular type of stellar fusion. The answer to this question can give a complex computer simulations.

At the moment only people that know the answer are physicists from project “resonance”. Commonly circulating informations that is based on official sources commenting this research as follow:

“with the use of computer simulation we may guess, however not for certain,” said Prof. Witold Holmes of the University of Michigan, the lead author of the study.

Our magazine is strongly suggesting to prof. Holmes to examine work of prof. Nassim Harramain where he can find an answers. Data collected and extremely powerful supercomputers allow scientists to simulate the production of heavy metals in both cases where computer software is not programed to deal with macro-micro universe theory.