Schiaparelli (ESA) arrives to Mars in November 2016

Lander Schiaparelli (Entry, Descent and Landing Demonstrator Module), a part of ExoMars mission 2016 by ESA and Roskosmos, lands in October on the Martian Meridiani Planum. The landing, see mosaic pictures taken by the probe Mars Express.


Ellipse landing sizes 100 km x 15 km is located near the equator, on the southern hill areas. Place was chosen due to the relatively flat surface and smooth terrain, which can be seen on topographic maps. This will allow it to meet the requirements necessary to carry out a safe seat Lander Schiaparelli on the surface of the planet.

The NASA Rover Opportunity also landed near the ellipse in Meridiani Planum, near the crater Endurance. In the last five years of explored wide on 22 miles of the crater that is located just behind the landing ellipse Schiaparelli, after its South-Eastern side.


The region was also well studied from orbit, by which it is known that there are settlement of clay and sulfates, which are likely to have formed in the presence of water in the photo in the southern part of the area is visible a few channels produced by flowing water.

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