Samsung Patent for “eyePhone” based on contact lenses

Samsung invade: the company wants to conjure up a kind of “eyePhone” from contact lenses. The patent application for this was made quietly and cover most of the possibilities.

Has only now become known, Samsung has filed the patent in South Korea two years ago. Also 2014 Google had patent is a smart contact lens, which should make life easier for diabetics, by measuring the blood sugar.

Samsung Patent for "eyePhone" based on contact lenses
“Hereby is forbitten to make a photos”… the control would be in the future difficult if there will be powered contact lenses with built-in camera on the market.

Now, the Internet group together with the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis is working on implementing.

Camera and motion sensor

Samsung has bent, however, with its lens on more users, on the ground so to speak. Because the different augmented reality features to accomplish remarkable which could you use in everyday life and almost “eyePhone” call. As Sammobile reported, the lens with a camera and sensors is equipped, which are controlled by the blink with your eyes.

Smart contact lens sketches on the patent application by Samsung
Smart contact lens sketches on the patent application by Samsung

The screen projects images directly in front of the eye. The lenses users to can can absorb so that for example its direct surroundings, information in the field of vision and even videos, streamed to the lenses. Also a motion sensor is mentioned in the patent application.

External device connection required

This type of augmented reality is of course more discreet than a pair of data glasses on his nose for the carrier. Because hardly anyone know if they were just in there: most of the integrated circuits should be incorporated invisibly. On the outer field of view the components then be arranged, which are not invisible.

Where they do not interfere too while watching. You could be at most treacherous. The lens system needs an external device to process the data. As a Smartphone, which acts as a computer. Additionally, you can use the menu and handle individual settings. Much like when a Smartwatch.

When will the lenses get on the market?

Samsung says nothing about but when this “eyePhone” will be implemented. And certainly not, when it could be suitable for everyday use if at all. Because without usable quality about a doomed doomed. Thoroughly wrong about the inroads Google with its data glasses is. On the other hand: All new needs so its time to market maturity. But what will the privacy, when everyone with his lens scans the environment?