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European roads are safest in the world

The document shows that in the past year on the roads of the European Union we lost 26k persons. The result is about 5.5 thousand less than five years ago. Last year, serious injuries in road accidents was in 135 countries.

Experts indicate that the social costs (rehabilitation, health care, material damage, etc.), traffic accidents, which occurred last year on the old continent amounted to at least 100 billion euro.

As reported by the National Council for road safety the average mortality rate in road accidents in the European Union in 2015 was 51.5 per 1 million inhabitants and has not changed over the last two years. To slow down the pace of improving safety contributed to several factors. These include the greater number of accidents involving vulnerable road users drivers and in the cities.

Europe has safest roads in the world, mostly because of new technologies

A large part of the 135 thousand people who have been in road accidents injuries were pedestrians and cyclists. The findings of the report do not leave illusions to achieve the strategic objective for European Union development. Reduce by half the number of road deaths in the period from 2010 to 2020, it is necessary to take additional legal action.

Technological breakthrough made in the last decade, significantly improved the safety of vehicles. To pave the way for automation and better traffic management, the European Commission intends to in the second half of this year to develop a deployment plan cooperating intelligent transport systems (ITS), enabling two-way communication between vehicles and between vehicles and roadside infrastructure. Such systems will allow vehicles to warn each other against danger (in the case of emergency braking), or through the use of road infrastructure.

It is worth noting that fewer deaths were reported in Poland. Over five years, the number of fatal traffic accidents has managed to reduce by as much as one-fourth. Last year per million population die in road accidents in Poland was bearing an average of 77 people. In spite of living in 2015 year downtrend in terms of the number of accidents and deaths, the death toll in Poland still belongs to one of the highest in Europe and far from the average level in the EU. The result of the 77 deaths per million inhabitants is 1.5 times higher than the European average!

In Europe, more often we can get hurt in Poland, in road accidents killed records goes to the Croats (85 deaths per million inhabitants), the Latvians (94 deaths per million inhabitants), Bulgarians (95 deaths per million inhabitants) and Romanians (95 deaths per million inhabitants).