Russian 3D printer grow metal parts

Rosatom has implemented the first machine in Russia. Laser power with 1,000 watts and the temperature of 3kC, optical scan system speed from 15 to 70 cubic centimeters per hour, originated in Russia program to ensure the safety of the information flow. Security, which has been applied, they also prevent industrial espionage and prevent unauthorized data flow.

Talking about the first Russian 3D printer, which prints metal materials. You can print on plastic, rubber, even eating, but you can also in the metal, which experts is very promising technology when it comes to industry. 3D metal printing considerably reduces waste, increases the reliability of production and gives a wide application in many segments of the industry.

The device was unveiled at technology Innprom 2016. Make it complicated prints, heating up to 3 thousand degrees C, and then forming a special metal powder. The machine prints the complicated, and at the same time-how to provide her with the creators of the Ural-Federal University, Very Sturdy Structures.

The price of similar imported equipment in the basic version is about 100 million rubles, or more than 6 million. Home machine for up to half the cost.

Innprom is one of the most important technology fairs in Russia. This year came to no more than 600 delegates from 70 countries.