Rotating tools without vibration and noise

If you’ve spent long periods working with a drill, a hammer or any other tool, you know how fast your arms get tired. And it’s not just the House of heading-these tools vibrate too much and make a lot of noise.But it may be possible to sawing, drilling and sanding without making so much noise and without your entire body needs shaking along with the machine.

Engineers of Fraunhofer Institute, in Germany, have developed a technology that dramatically reduces the vibrations of rotating tools. Result is that only a small part of the vibrations from the engine is transferred to the fairing and, as a result, for the user.

Isolation of fairing

“Elements of elastomers are used to isolate the engine compartment, working as a kind of mechanical suspension and isolation,” says Heiko Atzrodt, Manager of the development group.

Evaluations of the prototypes showed a reduction of up to 70% on 50% in noise and vibrations. You can’t completely eliminate vibration and noise because you can’t have too much of a good thing: If engineers too cut off the fairing of the machine, users would not be able to feel the pressure they are applying the tool against the material into which you are working.

Vibration free technology is already being passed on to manufacturers of power tools.

“We examined how the system is designed and refined the project so that it can be applied to a wide variety of portable electric tools,” said Atzrodt (Fraunhofer Institute).