Rotating House follow the Sun

Tired of shadow in the living room? Simply rotate the entire House to face the Sun. This one enables 359 rotation in mini home from the United States. It can be turned anytime manually or follow the sun as day goes.

The promotional video from architectural firm path architecture of Oregon in the United States is an unusual sight: two children run on a House, an about 2 m long rod into the terrace and simply turn the building around its own axis until a page is entirely in the Sun.

And that is the purpose of the rotating mini House called 359. It can follow the course of the Sun. No regret more if the House is aligned East and provides only in the morning at the coffee on the terrace of sunshine. Then, you can simply turn the House and load in the afternoon coffee in the Sun, or enjoy later the evening sun on the terrace.

Tiny House 359 resting on a sort of turntable

As the rotation is possible? The House rests on a rotating base plate. Much like on a record player. 359 degrees rotation is possible. Full rotations as a continuous movement are until now not possible, because otherwise the water and electrical connections would be damaged. Ben Kaiser, Managing Director at path architecture, wants to change but still. In the future should rotate with the huge glass façade on the front then complete the tiny House.

House is only 14 m2 359

But even if you turn the House in hot summer in the cool shade, it is cozy inside with several people. Because 359 actually only has a surface area of just under 14 m2. On this manageable place, everything is housed, what it takes to live: a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a staircase that leads to the bedroom.

On the roof, still a solar system can be put on request. “We believe that inspired living more has to do with the design of the room than its actual size,” writes the architectural firm. Also the House from the outside thanks to the high rooms looks also not so small. For the price, nothing is known so far, however.

Architects around the world develop tiny houses to live.

The concept of the mini houses is not new, the competition is fierce. The Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori, such as, has the only 2 m2 large beetle BB´s house designed the Stockholm designer Jonas Wagell the Swedish Minihouse

Very futuristic seems Ecocapsule, the self-sufficient mini House of the future from Bratislava in the Slovakia. The 2.55 m high, 4.45 m long and 2.25 m wide living egg fits on any commercially available trailers and allows to comfortably lug through the world. The residents are independent of local infrastructures. Ecocapsule which has a wind turbine with 750 W power, solar panels on the roof and a system that cleans rainwater. However the is not exactly cheap ($79K)