Rolling Stones “Satisfacion” Concrete Records are Concrete.

The engineers of the Federal Institute for Materials and Research made the record from ultra high-strength concrete. The surface can be edited so precisely that so the minting of a real records are possible.

Concrete is a material that is known not just for delicate structures. Basically the simple mixture of cement, sand and water is more for rapid progress in the modern construction. Because time is money and concrete is extremely effective. Concrete is ancient as a building material. Already the Romans knew and used concrete to fasten their docks or to connect the stones in the Forum of Trajan in Rome.

Rolling Stones satisfacion Concrete Records are Concrete
Look at the new Museum of the civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean (MUCEM) in Marseille, which was made of ultra high-strength concrete.

Rolling stones on rotating stone

Researchers of the Federal Institute for materials research and testing (BAM) in Berlin are now on a completely crazy idea come to make the delicate properties of the filthy material forward: poured a record made of concrete. Who sets the tone arm of the record player in the concrete Groove, instantly stops the unsatisfied Mick Jagger. This is no joke. BAM’s engineers have calculated the mega song “(I Can’t get no) satisfaction” the Rolling Stones in 1965 in the concrete grooves carved.

Rolling stones on rotating stone. Weird idea for a material advertising

The vinyl transformed into stone is of course just a material advertising. And for the fledgling ultra high performance concrete (UHPC), the abbreviation stands for “Ultra High Performance Concrete”. With the building material, already spectacular buildings were built such as the Museum of the civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean (MUCEM) in Marseille and the wild bridge Voelkermarkt in Austria, the first UHPC road bridge.

Rolling Stones "Satisfaction"
The Rolling Stones in April 2005 at a press conference in New York: Your world hit “Satisfaction” have pressed Berlin engineers on a concrete slab. And she can really play on a record player. Unfortunately, the plate is unique. Photo: Andrew Gombert

“With this record from ultra high performance concrete we want to show a Functionalization of surfaces the properties can be customized by materials on their respective request and application. The UHPC record shows that concrete can do more than it demands from its current practical application”, explains Ricardo Kocadag, which adopted the diagonal advertising idea at the BAM.

New material is a composition

“Our ultra high-performance concrete record is turntable playable – and that on any conventional high quality” Dr. Götz Hüsken, who was involved in the optimization of the procedure added. The UHPC is more than a mixture of cement, sand and water. The new material is more – to stay in the picture of the phonogram – a composition of cement, aggregates, additives, admixtures and water.

Rolling Stones "Satisfacion" Concrete Records are Concrete

“The UHPC record shows that concrete can do more than it demands from its current practical application,” explains BAM researcher Ricardo Kocadag. Photo: BAM

Scientists at the BAM construction safety research about how Super-plasticisers, Feinstfüllern and reactive additives, special properties of ultra high-performance concrete can be achieved by adding. The BAM engineers can make any structures up in the UHPC micro level. As a result, it is possible to give a special function of the concrete surface.

For example, an especially rapid removal from rain or condensation of bridges and buildings through micro grooves is conceivable, much like in the special Groove structure in winter tires. In General, the new material UHPC is particularly dense and fine grained. He is thus virtually sealed against liquids, gases and also chloride. This makes it particularly suitable for use in the concrete-aggressive environment, such as the drainage and construction of the chemical industry.