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Robots replace half the workforce !

Nope factory

It is a surreal idea that robots one day take over the work of humans. In a Chinese distribution center, however, the man less factory becomes just a bit more realistic.

The Chinese shipping giant Shentong Express just dismissed half of the workforce to hire a whole army of small orange robots.

Hundreds of robots, whose shape is reminiscent of robotic robots, sweep across a large, metal sized surface.

They stop at intersections, transport large and small loads on their backs, sorting up to 200,000 packages a day.

They only meet people at the sorting station ,a meter long assembly line that crosses the hall across the street, and at whose sides a worker is standing at regular intervals.

Hidden down to the hip in the metal road network, and with a radius of movement that allows the packages to be reloaded from the assembly line to the rolling helper.

See the workplace of tomorrow in a video that the company published on Sunday.

It is really only the music, but it is still worth seeing!

Through the robots, the company saved half of the personnel costs and increased the sorting accuracy by 30%, according to a company spokesman.

Currently, Shentong Express uses the robotic armada in two of its warehouses in Hangzhou, a million mile city southeast of Shanghai.

But soon they will be deployed throughout the Chinese People’s Republic and replace human workers.

In China this is not an isolated case!

Foxconn, an electronics company such as Apple, Dell, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard, replaced 60,000 factory workers by robots last year ,about half of the workforce.

In addition to the political goal of increasing productivity through robots, the main reason for this increase is the increase in working wages.

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