Robots can deliver pizza to your door!

The newly developed robot supplier is called Domino’s robot unit (DRU) and somewhat bizarre looks: he is about as big as a baby carriage, and at the same time is reminiscent of an electric wheelchair.

Robots can deliver pizza to your door
Domino’s Robot Unit, short DRU. The prototype of the autonomous moving pizza robot creates 20 km/h. Photo: Domino BB´s Australia

On its four wheels, the vehicle to reliably bring the pizza on sidewalks in front of the door. The approximately 190 kg delivery robot creating around 20 km/h is so about as fast as a bicycle.

Rules for self propelled vehicles are still missing

When exactly the first DRUs compete their service, not yet been determined. Domino’s was at the presentation of the prototype in the headquarters of the fast-food chain, in the Australian Brisbane, Chief Don Meij while optimistic that it is ready in half a year.

But before the pizza robots may move out, the New Zealand Government must set still missing rules for self propelled vehicles. According to the company, each DRU will be worth $30k. Nothing was said about the development costs.

Technology like on a self-propelled car

The battery of the delivery robot goes back and forth for a total of 20 km. Because the pizza boy with cameras and sensors is equipped, obstacles are no problem. He used GPS on Google maps and LiDAR, the same technology so that is found in self-propelled cars.

Robots can deliver pizza to door
Help, anyone who followed me there? It’s the pizza delivery boy of the future: an autonomous moving robot with space for ten pizzas in his belly. Photo: Domino BB´s Australia

It emits laser radiation. A multi spectral camera takes the back light. Then, the computer calculates distance and speed of surrounding pedestrians, construction sites and all other obstacles.

Need code number

So the DRU to deliver the order quickly and safely at the front door and just saturate a whole extended family: In the “belly” of the robot at least is a heated box with space for ten pizzas. In an additional built-in cooler he has equally cool drinks on request. In his order, the customer receives a numerical code, with which he can take out food and drinks.

Currently some companies are experimenting with autonomous delivery technology. In the UK about Starship technologies tests a delivery cart, driving on the sidewalk. And Google hopes to deliver packages via drone first at all. This is to estimate for next year.