This robot taxis in Boston
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This robot taxis in Boston (US)

Two passengers in the back seat, but the driver’s seat is empty. This amazing sight is the citizens of Boston, if the plans of Nutonomy go up. The start-up with engineers want to bring a fleet of robot taxis on the streets.

Behind the U.S. start-up Nutonomy plug two Faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT). They have small electric cars from Mitsubishi and Renault equipped with sensors and cameras and developed a software which enables autonomous driving. More technology is not known. It is known, however, that the company has received approval from the city of Boston for a pilot project on public roads.

This robot taxis Tests in Boston: Software goes into the learning phase.

The cars are still not on the way autonomous during the test phase. Yet Nutonomy engineers sit behind the wheel. Why? Because the software has yet to learn. “The tests in Boston give our engineers the ability to customize the software of autonomous vehicles on weather and traffic situations of this unique driving environments,” says Nutonomy Chief Karl Lagnemma.

This test phase is underway in Singapore. The robot taxis to bring there even 2018 without drivers aim their passengers.

Uber tests robot taxis in Pittsburgh

Competition comes from above: the service broker in Pittsburgh mid-September a robot-taxi operation with a Ford cameras and radar structures on the roof. The autonomous driving taxi comes as surprise to the most loyal customers who regularly order rides on the uber-app.

This robot taxis in Boston

Security still an employee behind the wheel who engages in an emergency sitting but also to uber. A fatal accident with a Tesla showed that this control is necessary.

But long-term autonomous cars to increase safety on the road. “in 2015, over 35,000 people died on roads in the United States”, writes Nutonomy. In 94% of cases, human error was responsible. Autonomous vehicles promise to reduce the number of deaths and injuries.

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