This robot is ready to use directly after 3d printing

To build the robot is not an easy task and requires a large financial contribution and knowledge. However, as it turns out, 3D printers can be this issue very useful. Researchers at MIT have created a small device which immediately after printing was almost ready to use.

For the production of small plastic robot, scientists have used a special method. 3D printer creates a layer by layer, but each of them was dried using intense UV light and they were left in the liquid. Product engine and the battery, which print you can’t print at today’s level of technology are added after.

The resulting robot weighed just 680 grams and measures about 30 cm. The engine by turning the crank shaft pumped the liquid into the limbs of the machine, by initiating a movement. The device certainly doesn’t have too many applications, but the ability to print the material solid and liquid gives interesting possibilities.

Now the researchers printed plastic device during the 22 hours that can be compared to a small toy, but what does the future hold? It’s not hard to imagine how great 3D printers create combat vehicles, equipped with the necessary parts and electronics, which only give the engine, battery and weapons.