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Remotely Controlled Robot Driving Yamaha Motorcycle

He is one of the highlights of the Tokyo Motor Show: Motobot. The humanoid robot Yamaha can ride motorcycle as a human being. But what good will it do?

Remotely Controlled Robot Driving Yamaha Motorcycle
Motobot during a test drive: the humanoid robot can steer, throttle, brake and turn arround your feet.

And again a technology that seems to come from a science fiction movie: A promotional video from Yamaha shows a blue humanoid robot, that thunders on a YZF-R1 motorcycle on an abandoned airfield. He has a name: Motobot. Marvel, motor show – the most important motor show of Japan’s, which is expected to more than 900,000 visitors from 28 October to 8 November and shows 76 world premieres.

The Yamaha engineers have Motobot with high-tech limbs fitted, so that he can learn the art of driving step by step: on the right side of the hand as a fist wraps the throttle grip. When Motobot should go, a servo motor rotates. Both hands have also each a claw, the brake and clutch levers. The feet are also moveable Motobot can press the foot switch. Yamaha reveals but yet nothing on technical details.

Remotely Controlled Robot Driving Yamaha Motorcycle : Motobot expected to break through the 200-km/h limit

Motobot is infancy. These show, for example, two long wheels, which are attached to the machine and the robot in tight corners to prevent falls. Also, a camera in his helmet is integrated, whose live images appear on the laptops of the engineers to correct  take corrective action while driving.

Remotely Controlled Robot Driving Yamaha Motorcycle
Alone does not Motobot yet: an engineer follows the images on the monitor from his helmet camera and helps control.

Motobot should be autonomous but always: at the end of the year he will can master slaloms and curves and straight up to 100 km/h. 2017 he should be traveling on tracks with up to 200 km/h.

Remotely Controlled Robot Driving Yamaha Motorcycle_
A servo motor, which turns the throttle is in the right hand. With claws, Motobot can also pull clutch and brake levers.

Yamaha missed even one vote the blue robot, which can be seen in the promotional video not just modest: “I was built to surpass you,” shatters it in the direction of Valentino Rossi – an Italian motorcycle road racer, who is one of the most successful pilots of in history with nine titles. “I improve myself every day.”

But what Yamaha ever developed a driving robot?

Should motorcycle riders will snuggle up behind him and can be chauffeured through the area? No. Yamaha Motobot should rather help to develop new assistance systems for motorcycles and snowmobiles. The Japanese company hopes to bring the first series products to the market by 2020.