Relaxing game cube for engineers got 2 mlnE on KickStarter

Does your colleague nervous hands? Dirty he constantly on pins, rings or switches? Then you give him fidget cube. The gadget for notorious nerds combines everything to click, turning and turning into a small cube.

Fidget cube
Photo: Fidget cube

Monday morning, 8:00: The coffee goes through yet and here we go. Her colleague on the phone, click it incessantly with the pen and rotates his wedding ring. When the after-work beer, off the beer bottle label somehow the Guy never comes to rest. Nervig inventor Matthew and Mark McLachlan are aware of the problem and have developed the redemption: fidget cube, freely translated as : the hyperactive cube.

Six faces with six toys

The cube satisfies almost every Fummel desire with a toy per surface area: are six small buttons to press on the so-called click page. The Gus can romp on it like on a remote control. So he drives his fellows not to madness, the inventor designed noiseless two keys. The next page is the sliding page that offers gamers a game console controller button on withdrawal.

Matthew and Mark McLachlan
Have good laugh: the invention of Matthew and Mark McLachlan fails on Kickstarter high waves which inventors have already $1.872.099 collected. Photo: Fidget cube

On the flip side, there’s a switch on the roll side a metal ball and the rotating elements of a case with lock on the side of the spin an area, just endless turn cannot be. Last, but not least, the breath page with a hollow, which can rub the nervous colleague as a worry stone.

See: man can leave out all hand ticks on only a gadget. But the idea is?

Kickstarter campaign has nearly $1.9 million

Actually the inventor on the Crowdfunding platform wanted kick starter $15,000 collect, to go with the fidget cube in series production. The tinkerers thought what then happened, probably not possible. 49.194 supporters are enthusiastic about the gadget and have the counter on $1.872.099 jump can be and the campaign is still 40 days.

Well possible so that the brothers Matthew and Mark McLachlan crack the three million dollar mark.

Nothing in the way it is serial production already. According to schedule, the inventors want to send the hyperactive toy in December.

Relaxing game cube for engineers got 2 mlnE on KickStarter
Fummel pure fun: the fidget cube has a toy for nervous hands on any surface. Photo: Fidget cube

For those looking for a Christmas present: Fidget cube is available in eight colours and currently costs $14 in the trade should later have $25 stable price. And for entrepreneurs who have many nerds in their workforce, there is a package: 80 cubes for $849.

But also for very patient people we have at hand a game tip: A puzzle, intricate for engineers.