Recharging mobile with hot coffee: IKEA Smartphones!

In the IKEA research laboratory design students have integrated thermoelectric generators in a table. If they are heated by hot cups, they generate electricity wirelessly transmitted in mobile devices. Many Smartphones are already equipped with the necessary technology.

Recharging mobile with hot coffee: IKEA Smartphones!
The Copenhagen IKEA laboratory “space 10” developed the prototype of a charger that draws power from the heat of the cups standing on an appropriately prepared table.

The afternoon tea parties or the English tea time is charging time for the Smartphone or Tablet PC in the future. In the space of 10, the Copenhagen laboratory of the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA, two design students have developed the prototype of a charger that draws power from the heat of the cups standing on an appropriately prepared table. This includes thermoelectric generators that produce electricity when they are heated. In the mobile device, enter Qi technology, many models are already equipped with the wireless. With Qi-enabled models, a list is to be here. The developers talk about heat harvest, so heat harvest.

Recharging mobile with hot coffee: IKEA Smartphones, tooth brushes, keyboards.

The transmission of electrical energy from the battery charger to the Smartphone is similar to electric toothbrushes, water heaters, or charging stations for buses. A coil sends out electromagnetic waves that starts a second coil in the device and transformed into alternating current. He is then rectified and in the battery.

The students: Komardenkov and Vihanga Gore use the centuries-old principle of power generation by heat. This works with two different electrically conductive materials, which are firmly connected.

Creates a temperature gradient between the furthest points of this arrangement, as flows through a coffee pot or Tea Cup, a direct current which can be turned into an inverter to AC. He creates an electromagnetic field that is captured by the mobile equipment to be loaded using a coil.


Modern generators have high efficiency

Thermoelectric generators consisted until recently of expensive metals, which had also a low efficiency, that they were hardly used, except in special cases such as space missions. Meanwhile, numerous research groups have developed cheap materials, that have a high degree of efficiency, including researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for material and beam technology (IWS) Dresden. Their generators from conductive plastics can be how to make newspapers and books in a printing process.

Today’s Chargers need more electricity

Chargers that are activly loading electricity into devices using heat from coffee need better development- So far, there are only prototypes. Wireless electrical chargers  are instructed about those who have already sold IKEA. At this moment IKEA is selling furnitures with integrated wireless charges. Then comes the cable in the plug and the device is ready to charge a Smartphone. Direct device loading is still under study.