Recall for Battery in the Galaxy Note 7

Batteries of the new Samsung Smartphone Galaxy Note 7 can igniting load and explode. Therefore, the Korean manufacturer launches a recall. The German launch announced for today is exposed.


Meanwhile, 35 cases are known where the Galaxy caught fire rated 7 during charging or stasmoke. According to media reports, it is come to fires. Samsung has therefore launched an emergency quality control on the plan. “We have conducted a thorough investigation and it encountered a point the battery”, the technology blog recode cited the company. “We make just a thorough check with our suppliers, to identify possible affected batteries on the market.” Probably less than 0.1 per cent of the units were affected.

400,000 owners to return their Phablets

In Germany, the dealer wanted to start grade 7 on September 2 with the sale of the Galaxy. But it’s not going to happen. The sales launch is exposed. In the United States, China and South Korea, Samsung wants to recall 400,000 delivered Galaxy note 7, confirmed a spokesman against the Korean News Agency Yonhap News. About two weeks it will take to provide replacement equipment. 2.5 million copies are produced. When it comes to the sales launch in Germany, is unknown.

Battery in the Galaxy Note 7

For Samsung, this incident is extremely inconvenient. As with the Galaxy of South Korean manufacturer wants to distance actually further note 7 its Apple’s competitors. Analysts estimate that Samsung might sell this year up to 15 million of the new devices. Due to the safety problems, decide now more consumers for the new iPhone 7, which will introduce Apple probably still in September?

Galaxy cost €850

Note 7 the Galaxy is one with a 5.7-inch display to the so-called Phablets, a mixture of Smartphone and tablet computer is so. Inside sits a 3,500 mAh battery, which can also wirelessly download.

The Phablet weighs 160 g and will cost €850 in Germany.

Actually, Samsung should have gained experience with non-flammable batteries now. After the batteries of the Boeing to smoke began 787 Dreamliner in flight, Samsung engineers together with the Massachusetts (with) a battery with solid electrolyte have developed of Technology Institute.