Really Nice Stop

Really nice stop, charging and relaxing. Mito is moving to Europe

This solar-powered charging station in the middle of Istanbul. Designed for future school as in it should be inside many large cities. And what can Mito do? Under the wood-beamed object to waiting for the next tram, meanwhile recharges his Smartphone or surfs the Internet.

At Istanbul’s Taksim Square, where the tram departs, commuters can shorten the waiting period with charging their phones recently. The wooden station, which was commissioned by the Istanbul technology company Verisun delivers power and provides also wireless access to the Internet. Up to eight devices can be recharged at the shelter at the same time without that burden the already overloaded Istanbul mains, because Mito the name of the station has its own solar panels on the roof.

Hot drinks could deliver energy

Appear on a small LCD screen in the pillar-like middle section of Mito also practical information to the weather, the arrival and departure times, as well as to the routes of buses and trains. The charging station, as a design object on which was developed by the Studio Art. Lebedev Designer Artemy Lebedev had founded the company in 1995 than 20 years in Moscow, now he has more offices in Kiev and New York.

Really Nice Stop

The job got Art.Lebedev of Verisun, should be the development of a charging station for mobile devices in the outdoor area. The designers thought through different concepts: you could attach the charging station for example to existing street furnishings like streetlights.

The designers were also considering to build a device that you can hook up his bike and generate the necessary energy for the charging process itself. Even the coffee from the passers-by was considered as a supplier of energy into account. The hot, or alternatively very cold drink, would shut off on a particular point on the charging point. The Smartphone related could use of this energy source.

After this maybe somewhat impractical ideas, the designers finally developed a metal stand, which was covered with plywood panels. A shelf was fitted at a height of the narrow pillar, which can be accessed by the users well, above which the USB slots for the connection to the Smartphones.

Really Nice Stop

Top, widens the form and serves not only as a suitable area for the solar panels, but also for protection from the rain. The second prototype, developed by Art.Lebedev, is set up recently in the busy Taksim Square in the Centre of Istanbul. According to the designer, the model in other cities soon to emerge.

In this country, the idea to pass the waiting bus or train with the charging of mobile devices, is not new. The idea came from Boston, was set up about a year ago in food the bench Soofa. Here, you can even sit while the solar module built into the Banks for the Smartphones.

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