Discovered evidence of quantum liquids

A team of scientists from the Cambridge University for the first time in history discovered the “fingerprint” of an exotic State of matter.  The researchers found evidence of the existence of the mysterious state of matter known as a quantum liquid.

The existence of a quantum liquid, in which the electrons are broken down into parts, called for already 40 years ago. But now, in the two dimensional Graphene-like material managed to capture the fermions, which is an emanation of the existence of quantum liquids.

Undoubtedly we are dealing with a new quantum state of matter. Provided for its existence, but have so far not managed to see it, “said Johannes Knolle from the Cambridge University.

In materials endowed with magnetic properties, the electrons behave like tiny magnets. After lowering their temperature, there is a separate arrangement of electrons. In the material of the quantum liquid, does not observe the internal arrangement of electrons even when the temperature drops to zero, the absolute.

Physicists from the Cambridge University were able to detect quantum liquid during the experiments conducted on ruthenium chloride (RuCl3). Scientists predict that fermions could be used to build quantum computers, in terms of computing power far exceeding the machine currently available.