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Quantum Communication Satellite is on orbit

The Chinese have done just a big step towards to quantum Internet and completely secure communications. The Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center was launched on satellite, on whose Board is a crystal that generates a pair of entangled quantum Photon, which share a common entity regardless of sharing them. This is the first element of the new global network.

The satellite was named Micius, which just was the name of the living in the 5th century BC Chinese philosopher, creator of the Micius doctrines. The satellite is a joint project of China and Austria, it is one of the photons from its deck to be sent to Beijing, and again in Vienna. With the help of these tangled photons, the researchers then try to send an encrypted information, and if it succeeds it will orbit more satellites, eventually to be at least twenty you would need to create a global network.

This gives hope to create a completely secure communications, which will protect the rights of quantum mechanics, any attempt to intercept the information as it travels between spaghetti photons, and so read state of a quantum system, will lead to its ‘exploring and no information is simply the then sent.

Probably at the beginning of this technology will the Chinese Government and the military, but, like the rest of the inventions created for the army it will be available soon also for civilians.