QuadRooter Update: +1bln androids affected

QuadRooter: the name has a set of four exploits, which may endanger up to 900 million users of Android devices. The Guard must have all that Smartphone or tablet has a processor manufactured by Qualcomm.

The hole was detected by company Check Point, which for the first time informed about them publicly on the DefCon Conference, however, he has previously had to inform silently Google and Qualcomm, because the patch for 3 out of 4 holes are ready and distributed to users, there has hit together with another package of monthly security update.

And exploits are quite dangerous, because although it is true that you must install crafted application with the APK file, this application does not require any permission, so there is greater suspicion. However, it allows cyber-criminals to take complete control of the Smartphone.

Therefore, when applying the golden rule of security, we use all the time, regardless of the circumstances, so if we do not own install application from unknown sources, it should remain safe.

Solution: Work hard to buy good toys.