Pulp Nano-Gerador Apply Remedies

Idea of electronic devices to free medicines by appointment is promising because medication at the right time is essential for them to do their effect-either at home or in the hospital.The problem is that these implants require power, and the addition of a battery destroys any attempt to manufacture flexible, easy-to-use devices and biocompatible not to mention the difficulty of miniaturization.

An electric nanogerador flexible and made of cellulose can be the answer to all these problems.

Pulp Nanogerator

Nanogerator devices generate electricity from vibrations of the environment. In the human body, they generate energy from the movement, heartbeat, respiration and even blood flow.

The big news is a Nanogerator made of cellulose, a biopolymer that eliminates the restrictions of the current Nanogerators, generally made from piezoelectric materials, although there was great effort in search of biocompatible Nanogerator.

Mehebub Alam and Dipankar Mandal, Jadavpur University, University in India, have built your nanogerador mixing cellulose with the type of silicone used in breast implants (polydimethylsiloxane) and with carbon nanotubes.

Amazing efficiency

The efficiency of Nanogerator was amazing, with a little tape of material, pressed by hand, generating enough power to light instantly more than 20 LEDs.

This performance paves the way for the use of the Nanogerator in other applications, not as demanding as for biocompatibility. For example, the researchers used it to charge capacitors employed to power a calculator, a small LCD screen and a wristwatch.