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Prosthesis Roboleg comes from the 3D printer

Help for legamputierte

The US company Robo hand has developed a leg prosthesis that comes from the 3D printer and can be produced at a fraction of the cost compared to standard prostheses.

It could thus benefit particularly those in need of war in war zones.

Initiated by Richard Van As and Ivan Owen, the Robohand project was developed in 2011, which could help hundreds of people in war zones with their hand and armrests from the 3D printer as an alternative to standard prostheses.

These printed prostheses cost only 50 instead of $ 25,000 for conventional prostheses.

The company has now developed a first leg prosthesis, which can also be produced using the 3D printer.

Inventor Van As himself lost his fingers in an accident

However, the production of the Roboleg  prosthesis proved to be more complicated than that of the previously developed hand and arm prostheses.

Stable material had to be found: metal bars, two pneumatic pumps and other small parts were used in the construction of the first prototype.

Richard Van As can understand the life situation of those affected: he himself lost the fingers of his right hand during woodworking.

 At this time, he noted that it was very difficult to get functional prostheses at affordable prices.

 He contacted the mechanical effects specialist, Ivan Owen, and together with him developed the first Robo hand prototype, which was released in 2012.

Carriers of the Roboleg may even swim with the prosthesis

The prostheses produced with the 3D printer can be individually shaped and adapted.

As Robohand and Roboleg are mechanically driven, no batteries are required.

The prostheses may also be wet so that the wearer can even swim with them.
In the future, installation instructions are to be downloaded free of charge at the Thingiverse online platform.

Currently the developers are working on the foundation of an international non-profit organization

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