Project Titan: Apple’s Car

Work on the electric drive Apple’s is in progress. In spite of the difficulties encountered in pursuing the Team Project Titan, interest in it is not waning. Introducing a unique, hitherto unpublished so far in to visualize work.

Work on Project Titan (working name of project) officially began in September 2015 a landmark auto was to have its premiere in 2019. The head of Apple’s designers, was not happy with, however Ive Ions the pace of implementation of the program, which stopped the employment on the project. Standing at the head of Steve Zadesky resigned from his conduct, as you yourself stated, due to personal reasons.

Project Titan Apple's Car
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Despite these initial difficulties, the speculation about Apple’s car electrical cease to arouse emotions. Kim Reynolds automotive review “Motor Trend” conducted an interview with experts in the field of technology and the automotive industry.

Project Titan Apple's Car
Project Titan Apple’s Car

Spoke. Akash Chudasama, a graduate of the aerospace engineering, working in the Research Center NASA JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory). He stated: “my iPhone has become my life and work. I don’t use it just to dial, but for everything. If they (Apple) can make the phone a part of our way of life, let alone be able to do with the car.” This type of prediction seems to be the source of the unabated drive interest still enigmatic.