Production Inside Hydrogen Plasma Reactor

A team from the Max Planck Institute in Greifswald (DE) is working on nuclear fusion reactor. In next step scientists intend to control conditions to obtain similar to Sun reaction and temperature.German Chancellor Angela Merkel acting as a physicist on a scientific level and launched on Wednesday production of hydrogen plasma in stellar chamber. Institute of Physics of plasma is first one to create such conditions. Max Planck in Greifswald in Northeast Germany is well sealed and highly secure.

The stellar reactor Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X) the world’s largest device of this type is used experiments related to obtaining control of the fusion reaction, which would utilize it for energy purposes. Started work on December 10 last year, generating more than 300 presentations over the helium plasma, which increased the temperature gradually to six millions degrees Celsius. After trying production in this way efficiency of the devices came on the most important thing for the entire program. Scientific research stable use of hydrogen plasma.

Pressing a button “start button” in stellar reactor Chancellor Merkel with support of two megawatt doses of microwaves production begin. Small amount of hydrogen gas evolved into a one-quarter second in the plasma and heat instantly to temperature of 80 million degrees. Scheduled for four years the program experiments has lead to the maintenance of plasma hydrogen even for half an hour with a full 20 Mega Watt of the power.

-7 x is designed solely for examination of the technical and physical basics of controlled thermonuclear fusion and its used in the energy field. In the case of this device is not expected and there is no possibility of obtaining a notable amount of useful energy. Mass produced plasma in it is only from 5 to 30 milligrams and is distributed in a volume of about 30 cubic meters.

Stellar reactor name means that simulates process of fusion in the Interior through the stars. Another used by physicists to the same end. Device is the tokamak, in which the spiral magnetic field persistent plasma at a distance from the walls of the tube is achieved thanks to the induction of electric currents in it. In Stellar Reactor gives the same effect as a very complicated relief design surrounding using electromagnets. Using W7-X is 16 feet in diameter and 5 feet tall.

Getting controlled thermonuclear fusion is a giant step forward. Through this process naturally inside the Sun. Involves connecting to atoms in conditions of extreme high temperature resulting in large amounts of energy are emitted. In contrast to the reaction of atomic nuclei fission used in nuclear power plants. It does not produce a dangerous radioactive material that pollutes the environment for thousands of years.