Published On: Mon, May 30th, 2016

1820 exhibitors, 54 countries Drupa Expo 2016 (300k visitors, 1.72bE)

The sales figures of the industry decline, and yet the printing and paper industry with views of the world’s largest printing and paper fair is optimistic: digitization, one of the causes for the consumption of printed products, could be the way out of the crisis.

The industry sales figures show the problem the industry: classical printed material like newspapers and catalogs are suffering from the triumphant advance of the Internet and declining conditions. However, the digital printing, so the production of individual products is growing. The total turnover of the printing and paper industry 2015 decreased by 2% from 20.7 to 20.3 billion euros, so the Federal Association of print and media (BVDM). Development in EU continued with a sales decline of estimated 0.7% in 1st quarter continued.

Business with classic publishing products magazines (-9.4%), newspapers (-4.5%) and books (-5.6%) had the most losses by 2015. Sales of catalogs (2.3%) and printed labels (3.5%) increases. Nevertheless, the industry is optimistic that advertising expenditure is rising. And this benefits the printing industry, in particular the segments of outdoor advertising and journals.

Digital printing and 3D trending up

Wonder, that in view of the development of the industry of digital printing, the individualization of printed materials and 3D printing the trend themes of Drupa, the world’s most important trade fair of the printing and paper industry.

“Touch the future” the motto of the Drupa 2016, begins on Monday, May 31 in the Düsseldorf. 1820 exhibitors from 54 countries present numerous innovations until 10 June in all 19 exhibition halls. “Only the Drupa provides a such a comprehensive 360-degree look at the entire industry,” emphasized the Chairman of the Management Board of Drupa Dusseldorf Expo 2016, Werner M. Domscheidt.

Drupa Expo Show 2016

Photo: Drupa Expo Show 2016

More than 300,000 visitors to Drupa Expo and 1.72bE Show.

3D printing is one of the most important trends of the Drupa 2016. bundled the 3D printing in the special show is touchpoint 3D fab + print in Hall 7a. “The touchpoint brings together the classic printing industry with the visionaries in 3D and thus offers the chance to explore the economic potential of 3D printing and additive manufacturing techniques”, explains Sabine Galaria, Director of the Drupa.

The megatrend of the Drupa 2016 will print 4.0, as Claus Bolza-Schünemann, Chairman of the Drupa Committee and Chairman of the Board of King & Bauer AG. “Print 4.0 allows the individualization and personalization in digital printing. For high-quality packaging or for the rapidly growing diversity of solutions in industrial and functional printing these digital networking of machines and systems is the solution and at the same time guarantee for efficiency and competitiveness.”

That’s why is packaging production, one of the major themes of the fair. According to current forecasts, the packaging market will rise until 2018 to 985 billion U.S. dollars. Therefore, the fair devotes an own special theme. The touch-point packaging reflected the market relevance of the packaging with approximately 30 exhibitors in Hall 12.

Wide room occupies the functional pressure at the fair, so printed electronics. These include touch sensors on furniture surfaces, Bluetooth speaker from paper or conductive inks.


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