Power Production Experiment With Lockheed Martin

Power Production Experiment with Lockheed Martin

Ideas for energy from renewable sources are doing well, as shown by the return to solutions that you attempted to deploy a force of half a century ago, with miserable results. Maybe this time?

So I think the representatives of Atlantis, who with the help of engineers from Lockhead Martin off the coast of Scotland to build a tidal power plant the great, which according to the assumptions in 2020 is to do capacity until 398 MW of energy and supply electricity to 175 thousand customers.

Power Production Experiment With Lockheed Martin

The unit will consist of 269 turbines rotor diameter at 20 meters each, you will need to put on the sea, and high voltage electricity cable to connect them. As the tidal power plant will work?

Underwater Power Production Experiment

Use will be tides, so well known to us flow and ebb, which are associated with the gravitational forcesĀ of the moon. The difference in sea level between the drain and the tide can reach up to 10-15 meters.

It’s enough to raise and falling water levels had many turbines and produce electricity. The device is very similar to wind turbines, however, has a much smaller shovels. Do you find yourself successful idea we’ll find out later this year, because in a few months the current will flow to the first customers.

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