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Portugal selling-out air to make money

No fridge magnets, figurines or creating tiles azulejos, and cans of … air. Such gifts you can bring from holiday in Portugal. For 3 euro tourists buy tightly packed air from the sanctuary of Fátima, monastery of Batalhii or the Serra da Estrela mountain. Whether it’s a commemorative hit this summer?

On the shelves in the resorts, between traditional Portuguese souvenirs, you can find the cans with the image of our Lady of Fatima and the inscription “Blessed air” But not only from this place. We sell the cans for several days, mostly among tourists from European countries.


They want to bring affordable, original gift that they will resemble our city-says Eduardo by Jordao, owner of the restaurant Mestre Afonso in Batalhii in Central Portugal. In sold canned here is air taken from a medieval monastery, considered one of the greatest tourist attractions of the country. Tourists are delighted. I think that is a great idea for a trade-adds Eduardo by Jordao.

The manufacturer of the unusual product is the Ukrainian company owner Sergei Pankovetsa, for several years resident in the Iberian country. Man admits that by running this unusual business his Moscow merchant who for years have in the Russian capital sells original gifts.air-cans-lg

I’m going to deliver a “can of air” to all major cities of Portugal. In the nearest plans of my company is to broaden the range of goods of cans with air from Évora, Madeira and Porto. Ultimately, I would like to start in the capital city kiosk-shaped cans, which sold will be a whole series of our products-revealed. Today the main our customers are tourists from Asia and South America.

Soon in the cans provided by the Ukrainian is also the air of the Estadio da Luz, where the home team play for Benfica, as well as the Algarve region of southern Portugal, famous for its beautiful beaches.

Not all support the new product. Alexandre Marto, Chairman of the Association of Entrepreneurs Ourem-Fatima believes that an offer for customers endowed with a sense of humor. I do not believe that a tourist would buy a can in the belief that in its interior is a Holy thing. Such gifts will never be considered religious articles, and a lot of people probably find them unsavory joke-says Marto.

The idea of the Ukrainian seller is not new. A few years ago a student from France was selling canned air from the village Montcuq. During the transaction warned customers not to leave opened. Cans with the fresh mountain air you can also bring home as a souvenir from Iceland, with the seaside from Sweden, and Tibetan fresh air you can buy for a few years in China. From last year to a State Measure fresh air in bottles also exports the Canadian company.

Portugal selling-out air to make money

The idea is also being implemented for five years in Portugal, where another company offers glass packaging, containing air with mountain area of Guarda, at the north-eastern border with Spain. Jars with the words “Best air in the world” sell best in Switzerland, France and Luxembourg.