PolyEyes 2.0 Technical Body Upgrade

It looks like you have the head of a manta ray PolyEyes 2.0 Technical Body Upgrade. But who the headset PolyEyes 2.0 sets up as a chameleon at the same time look in two different directions and extended can his field of view to more than 180 degrees. The augmented-reality glasses is part of a project to the technical upgrading and digital networking of the human body

As a “HAMMERHEAD VISION SYSTEM” refer to the developers of the Interactive Architecture Lab at University College in London her just featured AR headset PolyEyes 2.0, which gives its wearer a kind of Chameleon look. In the name of the prototype refers to another example from nature, namely on the hammerhead shark, whose extended Kopf also greatly expanded his field of perception at the outer ends with the eyes.

PolyEyes 2.0 Technical Body Upgrade_
With the headset PolyEyes 2.0 man has a field of view of 180 degrees, just like a chameleon.

And who puts on the headset to the computer-based perception of a so-called “augmented reality” or “Augmented Reality” (AR), also looks like a hammerhead shark.

Raspberry PI computer inside PolyEyes 2.0 Technical Body Upgrade

At each of the two ends of the futuristic glasses, a rotating camera in a transparent protective housing made of the headset out peeps each. The two cameras can rotate independently of each other in different directions and give a field of view greater than 180 degrees the carrier of the headset together.

Raspberry PI computer modules and a two-part screen, on which the images of the cameras more or less flow into each other into the inside of the headset. This unite the two films not to an image but, instead, the different perspectives are separately perceivable. Like in the movie the designers of Interactive Architecture Labs, which can make also feel dizzy. Because on this kind of perception, our brain is not set.

Upgrades for the body

It is not clear whether the cameras in the prototype of the PolyEyes 2.0 headsets will be controlled automatically or by the user. But the PolyEyes are also part of the Interactive Architecture Lab project “Polymelia”. It combines different inventions with which man can technically expand his physical abilities. The PolyEyes biometric sensors are controlled in the context of Polymelia project.

PolyEyes 2.0 Technical Body Upgrade__
This is my hand: the effects are uncommon, if two people with the Chameleon glasses to sit. But at least it managed to also the Lady, to touch the knees of men.

Among the “dentures” who each understand the makers of Polymelia suite as an “Upgrade” for the body, in addition to the PolyEyes including prostheses for limbs, the so-called “PolyLimbs”, which should increase their skills, and an entire exoskeleton for the human body.

The vision of the “Polymelia” project is the human body as a whole improved, which connects and communicates digitally with other technically pimped people via computer. Equipped with the prostheses of the suite man overcomes his physical limits and will be physically stronger and more resilient – so the idea of the maker.

PolyEyes 2.0 Technical Body Upgrade
See how a chameleon: This enables a new augmented reality glasses that have developed engineers in London. PolyEyes 2.0 Technical Body Upgrade is essential for development in architecture and product design.