Polish Space Agency agreement with Chinese National Space Agency

A rapidly growing Poland Space Agency (POLSA) has established close cooperation with the Chinese National Space Agency (CNSA). The two agencies will exchange information on space research, including astrophysics and exploration of the solar system.

Scientists will work together to analyze satellite data, as well as conducted observations and monitor climate change and the environment. These data will be used in the development of Earth Sciences in both countries. The poles and the Chinese people will also work on the development of new space technologies, including most in telecommunications.

“China is one of the largest players of the global space sector.

We look forward to the signing of the agreement with the Chinese National Space Agency, because it opens the way to implement interesting projects on the exchange of scientific, organization of symposia and workshops and other joint projects in space, “said Professor Marek Banaszkiewicz, President of the Polish Space Agency.

Polish Space Agency

State Center is one of the leaders of space technology development in the world. The progress made by China, in recent years, a gigantic progress in the exploration of the nearest us space, makes that Poland may be of more a lot of good.

Recall that the space instruments designed and manufactured in our country are on the Board many probes belonging to NASA and ESA. Cooperation with China, which wants to build a station in orbit of the Earth, to build a base on the Moon and colonize Mars, may lead to an even greater participation of Polish companies in the future development of the space industry.