Polish Shipyard in Gdansk selling yachts really quickly.

Gdańsk shipyard Sunreef Yachts has decided to include in its offer a line of sailing catamarans and motor yachts with a new line of Supreme. The latest concept was developed in response to the growing demand for more personalized and spacious units with a lifestyle.Supreme 68 foot sailing catamaran with an area of up to almost 300 m2. Only this type of yacht has measure less than 24 m lenght. The unit will have its world when approaching this year’s fair Singapore Yacht Show, which will be held between 7 and 10 April 2016r in Singapore.

Catamaran invented from the scratch

New concept of the superstructure allowed on catch levels, living room and deck. As a result, the Sunreef Supreme earned the whole height of the glass salon is an open surface of connecting directly with the cockpit and giving access to the deck through the sliding doors on both sides of the boat. External and internal space of the boat combine into one panoramic platform designed for relaxation.

Polish Shipyard in Gdansk selling yachts really quictly
Polish Shipyard in Gdansk selling yachts really quickly, The front part of the vast living room depending on the choice of the owner. Can take an impressive amatory cabin with a private dressing room and views of the sea or the two VIP cabins. Space available in the middle of the living room gives you an infinite variety of ways arrangement offering the possibility of a fully equipped kitchen and bar, settings, couches, tables and additional zones.

An extensive zone of the hulls successfully accommodates large kitchen facilities, shower, ownership of a luxuriously furnished cabins and crew accommodation.

The design of Sunreef Supreme is characterized by huge sunny deck also flybridge, which covers the modern carbon bimini. Its area can be equipped with bar, sofas, tables, mattresses or jacuzzi, just in the way owner wish it.

Innovation in Design, quality with price

Next to the unique space all units with line equipped with stern garage will be the Supreme Sunreef, which will house both inflatable boats, scooters, as well as diving equipment and sails. Garage door, when opened, one to the rear of the boat platforms thus creating extra space. This is the first in the world of this type of solution used on the catamaran under 24 m.

Sunreef yachts zone technical Supreme positioned in running along both hulls corridors, to which you can easily get with staircases. As air conditioners are outside cabins, the noise level in the Interior have been reduced to a minimum. Electrical system yachts will have centralized, making it far more efficient.

Technical corridors will also be equal to load distribution on the unit.

Sailing masts version of Supreme are attached only on the sun deck level using the structure as long as it (the framework), made from carbon fiber. This system will make it possible to fully open the living room space, without the need to put the shaft of the mast in the zone.

Polish Shipyard in Gdansk selling yachts really quictly
Highly customized interior and almost 300m2 in form of luxury apartment.Motorized yachts will have its own Supreme Yacht solutions combined from production and automotive industries. To increase the aerodynamic properties of the boat, its bow installed rear spoiler-carbon fork will be V-shaped, which will ensure the free flow of air along the superstructure and will allow you to maintain good performance.

So far, the shipyard has signed 5 contracts for sale Sunreef Supreme 68 (3 sailboat and 2 motor models). In the following months will be presented also other size concepts series Supreme.

Full exterior of “Supreme 68” will be disclosed for the first time in Singapore at the Singapore Yacht Show.

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