Polish Project Convert CO2 to Methane on Massive Scale

Next year in one of the power plant in Silesia belonging to Tauronu Generation want to test the installation to create the synthetic methane from carbon dioxide. On an innovative solution works all Europe.

The leader of the Consortium implementing enterprise within KIC InnoEnergy (European project supporting the development of innovation in the area of energy) is the production of Tauron. In addition, the project also involved Rafako: French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, Atmostat, AGH in Krakow, the Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal, Exergon and West Technology & Trading Poland.

The project is being implemented in two years, and its funding starts on 4 million euro, which was obtained from KIC InnoEnergy. These measures shall be submitted in stages.

The gas comes from the pilot installation of carbon amino uptake, which was carried out by the company Tauron and the Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal, explains Mariola KobylaƄska-Pawlisz, head of Design research and Development Projects Lab Rafako.

In the interaction we also use hydrogen, which comes from the process of electrolysis of water. Using the supplied could be reached more than electricity from renewable sources, almost pure methane for further use.

A key to project: Convert CO2 to Methane

As underlined by Agnieszka Wasilewska-Semail, President of de-methanisation project Rafako is one of the key research initiatives, which at the moment is pursuing the company. The President pointed out that this solution is very important, as it offers both a reduction in waste, carbon dioxide, and processing it into fuel, or methane.

As in the case of our other research and development projects, including project we leave in front of the market, we make a step forward. Market demand is global for such Polish Technology, said Wasilewska-Semail.

mcaf_methane2She added that the more energy will be produced from renewable sources, the more it will have priority access to the market.

Then it will be more flexible and important blocks of conventional or alternative means of disposal of this surplus energy for example by the production of the fuel, which in this case is methane. Maintenance of high power blocks on heavily the burden is an important economical effect for our customers.

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