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Polish engineer won the process of DISCRIMINATION in UK. Good bye UK, engineering in EU will not miss you…

Day by day there are more cases regarding discrimination against different to British nations working in UK. British government is truly confused. Fist open invitation to all EU nations, and now, after Brexit, drastic and arrogant actions. As a member of EU we are happy to see this country leaving. Good bye Britain. Engineering in EU will not miss you…

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I spend many years in Poland, this country is amazing and very warm to all nations.  Iconic story below is expressing growing hostility to EU members. As a member of European Union I am very happy to see Britain leaving our community. There will be over 700 million euros more each year in our pocket…

Story of Engineer A.Ruda

The end of the story of humiliating by colleagues in the UK!  The engineer A.Ruda , who worked in Wakefield in TEi became the object of ridicule colleagues. One of the Welders has been traumatized calling engineer “Borat”. The Court in Leeds decided that naming the Polish engineer named as the fictional journalist from Kazakhstan, invented and played by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is ethnic discrimination.

The use of nicknames “Borat” violated the dignity of the engineer A.R. environment in which he suffer, he felt to systematic harassment and was forced to defend himself, he wrote in the statement, which quotes the newspaper “Daily Mail” the Labour Court in Leeds.

And it started with the fact that one of the Welders came up with for the Engineer as “Borat.” An engineer from the beginning didn’t like that colleagues see primitive second incident involving, or a character invented and played by the British comedian Sacha Boran Cohen.

Systematic harassment at work the pole turned for help to justice and won. The Court had no doubt that the nickname “Borat” was supposed to mean culturally foreign immigrant from post-Communist States, and an employee of the Polish became the object of ethnic discrimination.

The engineer get now compensation from subordinates. More and more cases like this appearing in daily press.