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Published On: Wed, Oct 19th, 2016

Poland is manufacturing electric cars with outstanding performance

PGE Energy Group Poland, Energa and Enea, Tauron Poland Energia have designated on Wednesday to create company called “ElectroMobility”. The new company will design for Polish market an electric cars.

The new entity is to contribute to the creation of electro system in Poland.

“Electro-mobility is one of the areas that will have an impact on the electricity market. The degree of preparation of the energy sector on the take-up of electric vehicles will decide whether e-mobility will be an opportunity to increase innovation, energy and impetus for its development. Therefore, the energy group have opted for a joint venture in this area,” the company explained.

The new entity will start with a capital of $10 million. Each of the companies claiming the ElectroMobility Poland will cover 25% of the share capital, obtaining in this way after 25% of votes at the general meeting of shareholders.

In June signed a letter of intent on the establishment of the Center of Electromobility. Signatories to the letter in addition to the Polytechnic are national center of nuclear research and four energy companies: Energa, Enea, Tauron, PGE.


Initiated by the resort development project energy electro aims to contribute to strengthening economic growth Polish. We need to look for their own ways to become more competitive and that can give the appropriate economic effect-assess. E-mobility is an innovative and competitive and economic solution. The implementation of our plan is part of the adopted by the Government Plan for responsible Development evaluates the head of the Department of energy, said the head of ME Krzysztof Tchórzewski.

The project assumes that by 2025 when Polish roads will ride a million electric cars also takes into account the electrification of public transport as one of the projects which are essential to the growth of the innovation economy.


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