Podride, Swedish Pedelec on Indiegogo (see video)

Looking for unusual cycling? Then go into the Podride. The Pedelec from Sweden looks like a small car out of a comic book and is hard to beat. Find out how fast you can drive it

Mikael Kjellmann is passionate cyclists. And he’s a Swede. In the winter he must torture is therefore often is by wind, ice and snow. Not pleasant, is it? However, the engineer has imagined and developed a Pedelec called Podride. He has integrated the electric drive of commercially available E bicycle into a custom-built chassis with four wheels, and covered the frame with a car-shaped body made of waterproof fabric. The result: a 70 kg lightweight and 1.80 m is hard to beat short car with a wheelbase of only 88 cm, which makes each smart like a giant.

Podride accelerates to intimate 25 km/h

Also the entry in the Podride is unusual. The driver opens up the cockpit, including windshield forward, takes on a car seat and pedal. This enabled a 250 W strong bottom bearing motor which accelerates the roller skating like vehicle with 32 courses to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Thus, Kjellmann bypasses the licensing requirements in Sweden, so he drive without a driver’s license even on cycle paths.

And how to direct the Podride? Two handles which are attached side next to the driver’s seat. For driving in bad weather, the Swedish engineer has also integrated a heater into the windshield and brought a hand-operated windscreen wipers.

Combining minimalism and high-tech: while you must operate the wipers by hand, the Smartphone with your own app is used as a speedometer. Photo: Podride

Pretty minimalistic. High-tech is then again in speedometer and navigation. Speed and route allow viewing about one own Smartphone app. After 60 km ride, but then pause is announced: the batteries that are installed in the rear, need to get back into the electrical outlet.

Kjellmann seeks financial support on Indiegogo

To buy this toy is not yet possible. Kjellmann already has 450 supporters however on the Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo its approximately $27k, Soon it will reach proper amount to start production.