Pocket Knives with USB Port

For modern Super Heroes of everyday life’s will include probably in the future to the basic equipment, the Pocket knife of Keyport. A Pocket knife? Not only. The set is of course smart, garage door opener, USB memory and chips for mobile payment. What can this thing yet, read here.

Keyport ( Pocket Knives with USB Port) is actually something like the cool handbag for men, that fits in your pocket. In addition to the classic Pocket knife, the house keys, the NFC chip for mobile payment, a ballpoint pen, a mini flashlight, remote control for the garage door and a corkscrew can be is accommodated.

Pocket Knives with USB Port
Pocket Knives with USB Port

What takes just otherwise still love to man. The latter is crucial, because Keyport is a modular multi tool. This means that the user can choose what tools he stored in his Keyport. For this, the side walls can be easily removed so that an additional module can be installed easily. And the key for the front door, car, motorcycle or bicycle can also save space to install – but they need to be sharpened on the special Keyport blanks.

 Pocket Knives with USB Port collect enough capital to kick start

It is obvious that what many people want. Because the same start-up from Las Vegas in the United States has for the production of the smart Pocket knife on financing platform Kickstarter already more than the targeted $100,000 collected. While the campaign runs still three weeks. The pre-ordered tools will be delivered from mid-July.

Pocket Knives with USB Port

The Keyport tool or modular: every owner can freely select the compilation. Also a pen can be used.

Of course so a Keyport women benefits: all keys which are needed every day, are space-saving combined. A package arrives, a knife to open is the same at hand – even during the lunch break an Apple peel can. The USB stick for the computer – it can be well accommodated in the Keyport. And when shopping, it is also just still comfortably pay with the Keyport thanks to NFC chip.

Lost Keyports can be detected via Smartphone

Keyport wants to bring out two versions of the multimedia tools: Keyport slide 3.0 and Keyport pivot 1 the former looks like a small box, where the tools drawers out of, slide. At Keyport pivot 1 be it folded out, as the Swiss army knife. To save weight, both tools are made of aluminium. And even if you moved the Keyport, thats no problem. It is compatible with a search app and can be located via GPS to search and find.

Pocket Knives with USB Port
If you lose the compact Keychain, you can locate it via Smartphone app.

The serial number, which carries each “knife” is a crazy idea. Namely, it is registered so you can associate every Keyport to its owner. But this number the owner in all things can engrave, that are important to them: in the bicycle, laptop, in a suitcase or a musical instrument. This can be associated to their owners, should they be lost.