Playstation VR, weekend console for engineers

On consoles, Sony-like the PCs-you will be able to play in virtual reality. Headset to hit stores in the fall, however Sony on a special show demonstrated right now.

Set recalls Occulus Rift and HTC Vive. However, it is much more convenient and a bit nicer.

PS VR does not pose problems for people with glasses. How competitive is the device, you can adjust the distance of goggles from the head. They are also a bit lighter and better adhere to the face. However, the goggles themselves aren’t enough to get going also need a set of PlayStation Move.


On consoles, Sony-like the PCs-you will be able to play in virtual reality. Headset to hit stores in the fall, however, Sony on a special show demonstrated right now, how will you entertain.

Sony allowed the show to play several games┬áthe first of them was the shooter “London Heist”. We’re going in the cabin of the van, shooting at attacking us Russian gangsters. Impressions are awesome. Thanks to put yourself right inside, we are in the heart of the action-PlayStation Move poles allow you to simulate the movement of hands-we can turn any button in the cab or open the door. When the shooting starts, then the right hand we’re shooting with a gun, and left we exchange-just like the real gun-magazine.

Simulator of the future

The next game was the tank Simulator of the future. By turning the head we see every item cockpit of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the pad is played a little less comfortably than PS Move-sight steer not movements of the head and lever falls, which are problems with accuracy.


The game, which for me had the biggest impression was the psychological horror “Here they lie”. When creeping dark tunnels, seeing only what illuminates the flashlight, and each side we hear scary noises, willies on the back. Flashlight directs where we look, so you can feel as if we walked around after the abandoned corners. In the VR version, this is not a game for people with weak nerves.

After several minutes of fun, I can tell you that the PS VR, although a little worse level of gaming graphics, than on the PC, it’s absolutely brilliant system. Is much more convenient than the competition’s, and much cheaper-goggles, the console and the controller it cost about 4 thousand. Gold, which is as much as the same headset on the PC (and you still need to add the price of a powerful PC).

I am looking forward so for fall, especially since Sony and developers involved with the Japanese Corporation prepare dozens of games that appear to have together with goggles.