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To plant the tree you need a pot, this one is the right one.

Once often planted a tree on a grave. This tradition wants to revive urn on the Spanish start-up BIOS. The company BIO BALLOT, also a tree seed is put alongside the ashes of the deceased. Sensors monitor its growth, which itself monitor even via Smartphone app.

“Have you imagined once, what happens when they die?”, it says in a promotional movie of BIOS URN. “You could come back to life, through nature.”How it supposed it work? With a bio URN, which has developed by Spanish start-up. It consists of a biodegradable coconut shell and contains compressed peat, cellulose, and the ashes of the deceased. An essay with Earth is used as a lid. Here the members can use a tree seed of his choice, which germinate and then takes root in the human ashes.

Growth of the tree can be monitored with app

The growth of the tree BIOS urn wants to leave to chance. The engineers have therefore integrated sensors in the URN, the soil temperature, moisture, exposure levels and humidity measure. The Member reads the data on a Smartphone app and can adapt to the needs of the young tree, for example, in a timely manner to fertilize the Earth.

To plant the tree you need a pot, this one is the right
There’s the Bio Urn including Smartphone app on Kickstarter for €350. Photo: Bios Urn

The quantity of the water that must care, however not every day. In the URN 11-l water tank is installed, which should be enough for 20 days. Later, the little tree with URN can be used in the Earth, there continue to grow. Forests could be from graveyards.

Company is collecting money on Kickstarter quictly

BIOS urn has called a Kickstarter campaign to life to deal with the Bio Box in series production. And it is very promising. So far, nearly 170 supporters have collected approximately €45,000. €60,000 are the financing target to be achieved in the next three weeks.

And how much is the urn? For €150, supporters receive an urn, a T-Shirt, a poster and a sticker. A combination of maybe some ghoulish-looking for some people. There is then the complete system with sensors and Smartphone App for €350.

Elysium space fly ash on the Moon

If you are just engaged in their demise, there is still an other alternative final resting place: the moon. Here is Elysium space in the game. The funeral wants to bring the ashes of deceased persons by rocket and lunar module on the moon.

plant the tree you need a pot
Elysium space brings the ashes of deceased persons for $11.950 on the moon. Graveyard is the Lake of death on the northeastern front of the moon. Photo: Elysium Space

Steve Jenks from Tennessee, whose mutter died of cancer, according to Elysium space is the first who wants to take this service. “You feel no matter how lonely and how far away you are: look at the Moon and know that I’m with you”, said his mother on her deathbed. A nice picture, probably also in the eyes of BIOS URN. Because the commercial says: “because the death is nothing more than a Word.”