University in Brno discover more facts about Planet X

Researchers from the University of Bern, used computer simulation to reproduce the evolution of the mysterious ninth planet of the solar system, also known as Planet X. What had been determined?

Christoph Mordasini from Brno University (CZ) attempted to determine how big may still be undiscovered planet that prevails on her temperature and what methods you can watch. Their findings published in the journal “Astronomy & Astrophysics”. About the mysterious world has returned after many years after California Institute of Technology presented evidence of existence and the estimated size and distance from the Sun. The following teams are trying now to verify this data.

A Swiss University is famous for its modeling of the evolution of the planets, particularly young extra-solar objects that are born in the disks of matter surrounding the stars. To confirm calculation we must wait, however because they are dependent on the apparatus, in which only initials work. One of these devices will be the James Webb Space Telescope.

From the calculations suggest that planet X is more than 700 times further than Earth is from the Sun. Its RADIUS is 3.7 times longer than the radius of the globe, and a mass of over 10 times. The temperature on the surface is 226 degrees Fahrenheit (108 C). Observations makes it difficult by the fact that the planet is brighter in infrared light than visible light. What’s more, the earlier observations make it possible to detect an object with a mass of at least 20 times greater than the mass of the Earth, so the “Nine” was beyond the reach of the instruments.

Scientists are finding that now constructed telescopes will be able to see the Planet X and much more objects outside the boundaries of the solar system.

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