Pizza Museum as tourist attraction near Napoli (IT)

Pizza Museum in Ercolano near Naples is the latest tourist attraction in southern Italy. It was created to showcase the history and tradition of the Neapolitan pizza, considered the best in the world.

In the ancient city of Herculaneum, destroyed along with Pompeii in by the explosion of volcano Vesuvius, is now assured to success due to the crowds of tourists, visitors from the archaeological sites around the world. In spirit of Italian fever was founded on the initiative of the local association “Academy of Pizza according to the Rules of art” and with funding received from the Italian government for installations and equipment we have most professional history pizza slice.

The art of baking the dish is one of the most important aspects of exposure.

In the new Museum, which will open on Wednesday you will be able to learn about the origins of the dish, known as “Pizza Napoli”, or with a wood-fired oven, with thicker golden rings, San Marzano tomatoes from fields near Mount Vesuvius and mozzarella cheese from buffaloes milk.

Were collected there, an extensive collection of photos, showing among other things, born in those pages of the movie stars eating this delicacy. A special place is among them Sophia Loren, she spent her childhood near Napoli and the first years of his youth.

Visitors will learn the secrets of baking and anecdotes related to it.

museo Nazionale della pizza

“Introducing the whole culture of our pizza and we show how it is important for our region,” say the organizers of the Museum, whose rise has sparked great interest in the Italian media. They note that created them where every year thousands of people from all over the world comes also to eat the original Naples version of their favorite dishes.

In the past months leading up to the inauguration of the Museum of knowledge about tradition and history have won in the 35 young bakers pizza from the South of the country.