Pizza Delivery Revolution by Domino

Annoying when warm pizza arrives at the front door? Domino’s wants to please customers and as no-longer expected: the American pizza Chef makes his delivery vehicles to work as oven on wheels. So simple and way more tasty. Now you have your pizza out from oven and directly at frontdoors.

Pizza Delivery Revolution by Domino
DXP of Domino BB´s: the rebuilt Chevy spark has an oven in the rear that keeps your pizzas warm during the journey.

It been a long work day. Now it’s put feet up, open a bottle of wine, start a DVD and order a pizza. But then the disappointment at the front door rings: the supplied cheese delicacy of crispy edge is softened only still lukewarm. Actually an imposition, must have thought Domino BB´s. The American pizza maker has therefore implemented a crazy idea into action.

Domino’s has installed oven in Chevy spark – Pizza Delivery Revolution by Domino? Why not? we do like fresh pizza…

Domino’s together with the former General Motors employee Kenneth Baker the delivery expert (DXP) invented a converted Chevy Spark, which actually has a stove in the stern. And not just the smallest: because all seats except the driver’s seat are kicked out, he accommodates no less than 80 pizzas. The driver can supply so easily large parties, or corporate events.

Pizza Delivery Revolution by Domino
Construction of the DXP: the rebuilt Chevy spark is a single seater. So, there is enough space for transporting 80 pizzas.

The door opens outwards, so that he can easily see the delights standing. At best, they are so warm and fresh fragrant as in the restaurant.

Rolling pizza oven tour whose been biking through Boston, Seattle and New Orleans

Domino’s now launching a major roll-out in the United States: the company wants to convert 100 vehicles over the next three years together with Chevrolet dealers. You will be traveling in 25 cities: including Boston, Seattle, New Orleans, Detroit and Houston.

“The DXP by Domino’s to revolutionize pizza deliveries”, says company President Russell Weiner. “This innovation drivers, allows you to do your job more effectively and shows that Domino absolutely fanatical perfect deliveries wants it.” Just a pity that pizza fans in Germany have nothing of it.

Pizza drivers move around 16 million km per week

For Domino, it is important that delivery customers are happy. Because the company makes two-thirds of its multibillion-dollar turnover with pizza deliveries. Drivers deliver pizzas around 400 million every year in the United States and thereby set back 16 million km per week so far. They are most likely more known vehicles on the US roads.