Have you ever seen anyone that drives a photovoltaic system on a chassis to its stand at the weekly market? Or operates with a small solar generator on the picnic lawn cooler and coffee machine? If not, that may be changing soon. Because in Starnberg Bavarian Lake engineer builds the so-called Power Suitcase Kit. Apparently did it in 2010… Well, this is embarrassing to all of us: Very simple, extremely needed and obvious solution and yet we just heard of it.

Lightcatcher provide people everywhere they are with up-to 4 kW/h power

Lightcatcher are mobile photovoltaic installations, which will look different depending on the performance. While at the Lightcatcher 2000 a rectangular solar panel and a battery on a kind of truck is screwed, allows the module to a case form for the model 20 AH with carrying handle fold.

In both cases it was the mobility that meets the customer popularity, “As soon as I finish a device, it is also already sold.” Currently manufactures the trained mechanic, who previously worked as a software systems engineer at Siemens, per month up to four plants. Depending on the execution, they produce 12 and 24 V DC or 230 V AC (150-4000 W). Smartphones and tablets can be top-up via built-in USB ports.

Swiss cyclist wants to take solar system on world tour

And who cares about the Lightcatcher? “For example, a woman who wins power for her manicure market shop in Tunisia with a mobile solar generator and independently operates LED lamps and appliances from the mains is one of my newest clients,” says OK. “Another client is an engineer and examines the structural analysis of bridges. He uses the system to operate instruments on site. Another operates lighting, television and computer in his Berlin apartment with a Lightcatcher 2000 on the balcony.” The system only from household appliances such as a stove, that require three-phase must surrender.

Photovoltaic Cells Suitcase Kit3
Enough electricity generated the Lightcatcher 2000 to load an electric scooter. He is €1350. Photo: Volt Sun

Currently, OK also designed a solar plant, a Swiss bicycle fan will pull on his circumnavigation in a trailer behind the wheel. Use the generators could be also, to charge electric bicycles or E scooter.

Company is not pursuing big expansion plans with its operating Voltage Sun is Idealist. “I am now 53 years old and I thought: now I leave good world again”, “I want to show that you can serve niches within a household with today’s technology. If you would multiply that on all consumers, you could forgo nuclear power plants, for example, with ease. For me it is not acceptable that at the end of a Smartphone is a nuclear reactor.”

Photovoltaic Cells Suitcase 2000 w
The mobile photovoltaic system on the terrace. Depending on the execution produce the units 12 and 24 V DC or 230 V AC (150-4000 W). Photo: Voltsonne

Remains only the question of what the Lightcatcher cost. The mobile version will cost 20 AH-WP €410, the largest version, the Lightcatcher 2000W, €1350.