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Photon Entanglement, new age in communication

Researchers from China and Austria jointly sent a satellite into orbit, which quantum information should send over 1,000 kilometers to the Earth. Succeed, a big step would be done towards the secure Internet.

The start was possible, now begins the anxious wait

For months, the preparations will continue until “Micius” can deliver what it is intended to provide. The 620 kg satellite, a rocket from the spaceport now brought into space from Jiuquan is a real hope. He has quantum technology on board and to send so-called entangled photons to several ground stations as possible in this year.

Quantum Communication Telescope

The Chinese Austrian project could actually be a milestone, because the transmission of the entangled photons only on the ground for a distance of 144 km succeeded so far between two Canary Islands. Longer routes are also barely conceivable, because then the disruptive influences in the atmosphere would be too strong. So if you want by using the light particles allow a completely secure global communications and this is the main objective then the transmission via satellite must be done.

“New level of communication”

The world seems to be controversial as well, the odds are there, however possibility of long distance communication is just breathtaking. The Austrians for their quantum project have found no partner in Europe in any case. Heinz W. Engl, Rector of the University of Vienna, takes the today with a smile: “we have with the Chinese Academy of Sciences as a project partner on board. With this cooperation, which allows basic research at the highest international level, we will significantly advance the quantum Internet and long term lift communication all over the world to a new level”.

A new level of speed is meant, but above all a new level of security and distance

The photons method has a distinct advantage: the information is encoded not in zeros and ones as in the conventional binary system, she rather lies in a single Atom, which is transmitted back to a photon. It is now important that the entanglement of photons is maintained in the transmission of information. Precisely the point the satellite tests, and here is the security mechanism.

Quantum Communication Telescope

The researchers make use of, what Albert Einstein called a “spooky apparition”. “That rewrites a unique connection between two particles, which assume an identical condition regardless of their distance and at the same time to transfer information over theory any distances.

It sets the direction of oscillation of this light particle, for example, with the measurements on a photon whose parallel particle takes immediately the same vibration State”, explains project manager Anton Zeilinger.

The methodology is difficult to comprehend, but the effect is already for non-physicist.

If someone wants to decrypt such information, he should measure the so-called quantum state for this. By measuring itself but it produces a change in this state of that the recipient cannot be hid.

Unnoticed hoes would therefore in principle impossible.

To a global quantum Internet, it is still a long way off. But what is clear is that the previous encryption procedures can be no longer safe. And also this is due to the special quantum technology: operations, for which an ordinary computer would take many years, take in a quantum computer may be only seconds.

Quantum Communication Satellite