Multi-Copper Personal Transportation Drone for less then $10K

Polish constructor Ireneusz Sytniowski, together with his sons designed a completely new means for transportation. A multi-engine drone, similar to a helicopter, but it is hundreds of times less expensive and does not need to support complex control systems.

Styniowski from always a passion for electronics and modeling. In times of PRL, when gaining remote control apparatus was almost a miracle, he constructed transmitters and receivers, which was directing the flight models of aircraft. When the constructor for the first time flew a helicopter, grab a bug and did a pilot licence. After a few flights of the idea to build drone which will be able to land almost anywhere and will be capable of autonomous flight, as well to fly as radio controlled toy from the ground.

Work started from small models of drones, and collected in this way experience led to the design of larger manned machine. One of the biggest problems was the selection of the engines and propellers, as well as a complex system of flight control. It had to meet the requirements of autonomous flight, but also be easy to use for the average person.

Based on the project in 3D modeling, a pole he built the frame device that is simple but well thought-out innovative design. With movable arms, it can be converted in virtually every type of machine.

Funded through the Polish capital and produced in Poland, with the participation of the Polish constructors.

Multi-copter will be driven 16 engines with a total maximum power of 70 kW, which will be powered by lithium-ion cells with a total capacity of 12 kWh. Next to them fitting a total super-capacitors predicted constructor should be enough for about 35 minutes. Target frame will be made of carbon fiber, titanium and aluminium.

Multi-Copper Personal Transportation Drone
Multi-Copper Personal Transportation Drone. Photo: Ireneusz Sytniowski

Multi-copter will be able to land by the loss of five engines, even when they reside on one side of the machine. During the emergency landing arms machine in such a way that this could regain balance and land safely. Lithium-ion batteries are connected in several modules that make up the independent power systems, which further leads to even greater security. The machine is also equipped with two independent flight control systems.

What exactly is a multi-copter?

With such forms of transport would use emergency services in very difficult and dangerous places, where it is not possible to reach the helicopter. Multi-copter can also move around in public areas, for example. Burning factory Hall and in this way to evacuate people. The possibility of multi-copter in emergency services are virtually limitless. The machine can be remotely controlled or move autonomously, so you can use it in mountain rescue, sea or in congested cities. Another use of multi-copter is of course useful also in sport, fun and recreation.

The developers took off recently with the crowdfunding campaign “ “. They want in this way to obtain additional resources to complete prototyping of the machine and production. This project is entirely Polish, funded through the Polish capital and produced in Poland, with the participation of the Polish constructors only.